13th January 2021 Super Short Current Affairs for UPSC Exam.

Virunga National Park

- Location: Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

- In News: Six rangers have been killed here

- Established in 1925

-  Africa’s first national park

Famous for its mountain gorillas.

- It borders Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Rwenzori Mountains National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda.

- UNESCO designated World Heritage Site since 1979.

Cherry Blossom Mao Festival

- In Manipur StateHeld at Mao area of Senapati district.

- Marking the beginning of pink season in the district.

- The Mao area is known for Cherry Blossom plant.

- Manipur government started organizing the festival from 2017.

- The festival featured the picturesque landscape of Mao town adorned with Cherry Blossom flowers.


- It is the mass slaughter of domestic poultry birds to contain the spread of bird flu.

- Aim: Protecting humans, ever since the first transmission to humans in 1997.

- All domestic birds in an infected area are slaughtered and their remains buried.

In India.

- It is done in a radius one km from the site of infection.

- Cervical dislocation or neck-wringing method is to be used for culling.

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Recent Racial Abuse of Indian cricketers by some Australian spectators during the matches. 

Topics to be interlinked

- Material/Professional Development without Moral development 

- Socia Discrimination/Inequality